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2019 Millton Libiamo Gewurztraminer


Region: Gisborne, New Zealand

Grape Variety: Gewurztraminer

ABV: 11.5%

Vegan Friendly, Biodynamic

This wine is lifted with hints of cardamom, fennel seed and turmeric. A Moroccan market spice delight. There is an adoring complexity, rich with sweet sensations. It is cloudy from natural sediments, soft yet drying to the taste. It smells very clearly of its origins in terms of place and fruit. There is deep spice and almost waxy root crops, yet with lively pink rose aromas. It isn’t quaint, nor is it fruity. The taste is long and intense. Once opened, this wine will last, even improve, for a number of days afterwards, so take your time, savour and drink in moderation, with love and gratitude, but always remember to keep another bottle handy!

2019 Millton Libiamo Gewurztraminer



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  • When will I receive my wines?

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